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Perils of Driving While Not Fully Aware


Those who regularly drive are abundantly aware of the hazards of texting while driving.

An urgent concern of driving in this manner is that if one is lucky enough to survive an accident that was avertable their auto insurance rate auto insurance rate is still likely to rise.

Car insurance is expensive and one should always seek to keep their premium at a constant level while driving safely and being aware of those around them on the road.

While sitting in traffic we sometimes seek justifications for why it’s not a problem to respond to our father regarding what to cook for dinner or write an email on our Blackberry responding to something discussed amongst colleagues the day beforehand.

Texting while driving although appearing trivial at times has stark detrimental effects for all those who drive our road ways.

Texting and driving distracts you from the road in three unique facets and puts you and those around you at great risk. It distracts you from keeping your eyes on the road.

If you are looking at another screen it is impossible to fully concentrate and that is an undeniable truth. In 2011 alone almost one-quarter of all crashes involved cell phones, equating to approximately 1.3 million car accidents in total that could have been preventable.

This infographic infographic reported that crashes are 23 times more likely when a driver is texting then when their eyes are on the road.

Secondly, when texting while driving your hands are off the wheel; no matter how skilled a driver is, defensive driving should always be the main concern in your mind, because one must worry about the other people driving haphazardly.

If you take your hands off the wheel for a brief moment, you likely won’t have enough of a window to react when another car swerves from the lane next to yours to miss some impediment blocking their path.

Texting while driving impairs your cognition when you should be focused on arriving at your destination safely and not distracted about how to most efficiently correspond with people.

This issue requires law enforcement to truly crack down on those who abuse their cell phone privileges.

Law enforcement officials across the nation are ticketing drivers and making them pay large fines to ensure they do not have repeat offenders.

Young drivers are often most at risk since they are so used to having this technology at their finger tips communicating via social media at alarming rates.

According to a study conducted by Virginia Tech eleven percent of drivers aged 18 to 20 admitted after being in a crash that they had been sending or receiving texts when the automobile accident occurred.


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