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Appraisal Services Offered by DVC

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⚪Want to know how much your car lost in value?

⚪Not sure if the insurance company's offer is fair or not?

⚪Not really sure if you need an appaisal?

Please click below and request a free quote and claim review. 

* We need a copy of your repair estimate. 

Claim Settlement


⚪ Negotiate and settle the claim with the appraiser hired by the insurance company.

⚪ Issue settlement agreement

*Used only in conjuction with an appraisal and on a case by case basis. Most claims don't need this option. 

Desk Appraisal

⚪ Appraisal Report

⚪ Demand Letter 

⚪ Follow up letters

⚪ Supporting Documents

⚪ Email Support

⚪ Phone Support

Most Popular

Field Appraisal


⚪ Appraisal Report

⚪ Demand Letter

⚪ Follow up letters

⚪ Supporting Documents

⚪ Email Support

⚪ Phone Support


⚪ Vehicle Inspection Report

⚪  Repair Quality Checkup

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