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Top Car Picks for 2024 by Consumer Reports


As the automotive world accelerates towards a greener future, Consumer Reports’ Top Car Picks for 2024 illuminate the path forward with a selection that emphasizes innovation, sustainability, and sheer driving pleasure.

In a year marked by technological leaps and an industry-wide shift toward electrification, these vehicles stand out for their exceptional quality, performance, and consumer satisfaction. Let’s delve into the highlights and trends that define this year’s cream of the crop.

Top Car Picks for 2024 by Consumer Reports (PDF)

Electrification Takes the Lead

In 2024, electrified vehicles are not just an alternative; they’re a mainstay. From the robust Toyota Camry Hybrid to the sleek Tesla Model Y, and the versatile BMW X5 PHEV, Consumer Reports underscores a pivotal shift towards hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and fully electric vehicles (EVs).

This shift isn’t just about following trends; it’s about delivering vehicles that combine performance with efficiency, and luxury with environmental responsibility.

Consumer Demand Drives Innovation

The demand for electrified vehicles is louder and clearer than ever before, with sales of hybrids, PHEVs, and EVs climbing to represent a significant portion of the market.

Consumer Reports responds to this shift by expanding its testing and ratings, offering comprehensive insights into plug-in hybrids as they gain prominence on the road.

The inclusion of vehicles like the Toyota RAV4 Prime and Ford Maverick Hybrid in the Top Picks list is a testament to the growing appeal of electrified options among consumers.

Safety and Satisfaction: Non-Negotiables

What sets the 2024 Top Picks apart is not just their innovative powertrains but their uncompromising commitment to safety and owner satisfaction.

Each vehicle on the list comes standard with key safety features, reflecting Consumer Reports’ dedication to ensuring that the best cars are also the safest.

Additionally, high marks for reliability and satisfaction from CR’s member surveys indicate that these cars not only meet but exceed consumer expectations.

Affordability Meets Excellence

In the 2024 roundup from Consumer Reports, it’s clear that good cars don’t have to cost a fortune. Several of the top picks come with price tags under $30,000, showing that affordability and high quality can go hand in hand.

This is refreshing news for car shoppers, especially when the price of new cars seems to be getting higher every year.

Consumer Reports is proving that you don’t need to break the bank to get a reliable, safe, and satisfying vehicle. This insight is a big win for everyday drivers, offering a sigh of relief in a market that’s often seen as pricey.

It shows that great vehicles are out there for those who want value just as much as they want quality.

Will PHEVs save you money?

Bar chart displaying a cost comparison of fueling plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), gasoline, hybrid, and electric vehicles (EVs) in California, Massachusetts, Florida, and Washington. Each state shows PHEVs often incurring lower fuel costs than their gasoline and hybrid counterparts, with EVs being competitive depending on the state.

A Future-Focused Approach

As we navigate through 2024, the automotive landscape is unmistakably leaning toward a future where electrification is not just an option but the norm.

Consumer Reports Top Car Picks for 2024 are not just vehicles; they’re a clear signal of this transformative journey. With brands like Subaru, Toyota, and Ford making repeat appearances, and newcomers like the Tesla Model Y making a splash, it’s evident that the future of driving is electric, efficient, and exciting.

Now, let’s dive into the specifics with the brand report card and top picks by category to provide a comprehensive look at what makes these vehicles stand out:

2024 Brand Report Card

Consumer Reports ranked 34 brands based on the overall scores of their models, which include road tests, reliability, satisfaction, and safety.

28Alfa Romeo56
33Land Rover50

This detailed evaluation serves as a critical tool for consumers navigating the increasingly complex automotive market, highlighting the brands that consistently deliver across the board.

2024 Top Picks by Category

Here’s a snapshot of the 2024 top picks by category, showcasing the diversity and range of options available to consumers:

CategoryVehiclePrice Range
Subcompact SUVSubaru Crosstrek$25,195-$32,195
Hybrid/PHEV carToyota Prius/Prius Prime$27,950-$39,370
Compact SUVSubaru Forester$27,095-$37,395
Small carMazda 3$24,170-$36,650
Midsized carToyota Camry Hybrid$28,855-$34,295
Small pickupFord Maverick/Maverick Hybrid$23,815-$34,855
Electric vehicleTesla Model Y$43,990-$52,490
Midsized SUVToyota Highlander Hybrid$40,720-$53,125
Luxury SUVBMW X5/X5 PHEV$65,200-$89,300
Plug-in hybrid SUVToyota RAV4 Prime$43,690-$47,560

This detailed list not only highlights the best vehicles in their respective categories but also emphasizes the shift towards more sustainable and efficient driving options.

To wrap it up, the top car picks for 2024 from Consumer Reports really show a turning point for cars. They’re not just about getting from point A to point B anymore.

Instead, they’re about bringing together smart design, caring for the planet, and making sure everyone can get a good deal.

These cars are leading the way to a future where driving is not just better for the earth but also more fun for everyone.

Looking forward, it’s clear that the cars of 2024 are setting the stage for a new era of driving that’s cleaner and brighter for all of us.


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