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Tips To Know If a Used Car Has Aftermarket Equipment


Tips To Know If a Used Car Has Aftermarket Equipment (PDF)


In addition to being called competitive replacement parts, generic parts, or non-OEM parts, aftermarket parts are manufactured by companies other than the original vehicle manufacturer. When repairing a used car, you can check to see if aftermarket parts were used.

Check With The Previous Owner

It can be hard for the everyday person to tell if a used car has aftermarket parts just by looking. As most car equipment is similar, you may not realize this unless you have a knowledgeable inspector review your car. Nevertheless, finding out about the vehicle’s past could be useful in uncovering if aftermarket parts have been fitted. If you got the car directly from its previous owner, you could ask whether they replaced any worn components with ones supplied by an original manufacturer or a third party.

Hire a Professional Car Appraiser

Used car dealers may not reveal that aftermarket parts have been used on a vehicle in an effort to quickly close the sale. It is up to you to get a professional inspector to evaluate the car and determine if any non-OEM pieces have been added. An experienced technician should be able to detect any non-OEM components, although they can sometimes be tricky to verify. Moreover, counterfeits packaged as OEM pieces may also be present. As a buyer unfamiliar with original components, it is possible that aftermarket parts could go undetected on a secondhand vehicle.

Check The Insurance Company’s Policy

Used vehicles from insurance companies sold at auction are often a good bargain compared to other secondhand dealers. Insurance companies repair cars that have been involved in either major or minor accidents; typically, buying new parts from the manufacturer is pricier than aftermarket spare parts. Understanding this, insurance companies usually opt for aftermarket spares in order to maximize their profits. When considering a vehicle from an insurance company being sold at auction, it’s recommended to check their policy and inquire about the kind of spare parts they used.

Test The Cars Performance

Before buying a used car, take a test drive to gauge its performance. Changing the entire engine or just some parts of it can affect the vehicle’s performance. If aftermarket spare parts have altered the engine’s performance after a test drive, you may be able to tell.


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