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The Top 7 Electric Vehicle Charging Companies in 2023


The Top 7 Electric Vehicle Charging Companies in 2023 (PDF)

As the electric vehicle revolution charges forward, the need for a robust charging infrastructure becomes increasingly vital. Just as gas stations have long adorned our roadways, EV charging stations are becoming a recurring sight. However, understanding the true titans of the EV charging realm involves delving into more than just numbers. It’s not just about the stations and ports, but the technology, convenience, and vision they bring to the table. In this exploration of the largest EV charging companies in the United States for 2023, we present the pioneers shaping the EV charging landscape.


Beyond the Numbers: Deciphering the Charging Powerhouses

When it comes to identifying the giants in the EV charging domain, the sheer number of charging station locations and ports they possess tells only part of the story. Like a symphony, it’s the harmony between the two that creates the true impact. A charging station isn’t just about its quantity of ports; it’s about how many vehicles can seamlessly and simultaneously gain their electric vigor.

In this expedition through the charging cosmos, we not only unearth the frontrunners with sprawling charging networks, but we also delve into the realm of DC fast-charging supremacy. Join us as we dissect the data, analyze the trends, and get a pulse on the EV charging companies that are shaping our sustainable automotive future.

The Surge of Charging Ports: A Revolution Unplugged

Since the year 2018, the number of available charging ports has surged with electrifying momentum, more than doubling and steadfastly continuing its ascent. A dynamic revolution that not only reflects the shifting automotive landscape but also signals the undeniable wave of change sweeping across the nation. Our narrative is crafted from data sourced directly from the esteemed Department of Energy, chronicling the state of public Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations in the United States as of August 2023. As you immerse yourself in the electrifying narrative ahead, we’re here to quench your thirst for knowledge about charging levels, connectors, and everything in between.

Unveiling the Titans: Who Holds the Charging Crown

As the curtain rises on the grand stage of EV charging, one question emerges in bold relief: Who reigns as the largest electric car charging company in the United States? The answer, derived from the impeccable records of the U.S. Department of Energy, showcases nearly 55,000 charging station locations, a constellation harboring over 141,000 Level 2 and Level 3 ports, awaiting the electric-hungry vehicles.

1. ChargePoint: En Route to the Future

Leading the charge, quite literally, is ChargePoint. Boasting a sprawling empire of just over 31,000 locations and a staggering 56,000 combined Level 2 and Level 3 ports, ChargePoint unfurls the banner of the most expansive EV public charging network in the United States. A note of distinction: A lion’s share, 96% to be precise, of ChargePoint’s ports are Level 2 chargers, setting a unique rhythm in this symphony of electric energy.

2. Tesla: Electrifying Innovation

Tesla, a name synonymous with innovation, showcases its prowess with over 6,000 locations and a robust array of more than 33,000 ports. With over 4,000 of these stations belonging to the Tesla Destination category, where Level 2 chargers grace businesses and parking lots, Tesla’s masterstroke lies in its remaining locations, a sanctuary for most of the U.S.’s fast-charging ports.

3. Blink Charging: Merging Visions

Blink Charging emerges as a star with its recent acquisition of SemaConnect, a rival charging network. This strategic move elevates their stature, unveiling more than 3,500 public charging locations coupled with an impressive 11,000 connectors. The bulk of Blink’s charging stations serve Level 2 energy, underlining their commitment to shaping the future.

4. Electrify America: Powering the Present

While boasting a modest tally of just over 800 station locations, Electrify America commands attention with over 3,700 total charging ports. Almost all these charging points are fast-charging havens, aligning with the company’s vision of swift and sustainable journeys.

5. EV Connect: Uniting Power and Potential

EV Connect marches forward with its nearly 900 locations, a testament to the philosophy that fewer stations can harbor a profusion of ports. In this domain, these locations shine with over 3,200 total charging ports. Unlike some counterparts, EV Connect’s prowess largely resides in Level 2 charging, seamlessly blending convenience with efficiency.

6. Volta Charging: Illuminating the Path

Volta charges onto the scene with almost 1,400 charging locations and a symphony of just over 3,000 ports, a majority of which are harmoniously tuned to Level 2 charging. As Volta’s stations light the way, they contribute to a melody of sustainable energy.

7. EVgo: Empowering the Expedition

EVgo charts its course with a modest fleet of slightly over 850 locations, accompanied by just over 3,000 connectors. Drawing parallels with Electrify America, a significant proportion of EVgo’s ports are designated as Level 3 chargers, aligning with the ethos of swift and reliable journeys.

Unplugged Freedom: Beyond the Networks

A remarkable revelation awaits as we unveil a lesser-known facet of the charging landscape. Surpassing expectations, over 6,000 public charging locations, host to nearly 14,500 ports, remain unaffiliated with established charging networks. This hidden trove of charging oases, scattered across the nation, bears testimony to the multitude of businesses and municipalities that have embraced the electric future with open arms.

Embarking on the Road Ahead

In the grand tapestry of electrification, the largest EV charging companies are not merely numeric giants; they’re architects of sustainable progress. As the automotive world realigns itself with renewable energy, these charging titans illuminate our path forward. Their charging networks serve as veins of energy, coursing through the body of our transportation landscape, fueling not just cars but the very spirit of innovation.

Beyond the statistics, these companies evoke a vision of a cleaner, greener future, where the hum of charging ports intertwines with the whispers of a planet healing. As we drive forward, our journey is fueled not just by electricity, but by the passion, dedication, and relentless innovation that shape the charging landscape of today and tomorrow.

List of the leading companies in the electric car charging industry

  1. ChargePoint
  2. Tesla
  3. Blink Charging
  4. Electrify America
  5. EV Connect
  6. Volta Charging
  7. EVgo





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