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San Francisco DMA Hits 50% EV Registrations Milestone


San Francisco DMA Hits 50% EV Registrations Milestone (PDF)

In a groundbreaking development for the growth of electrified vehicles in the United States, San Francisco has emerged as the first major metropolitan area to reach a remarkable milestone of 50% electrified vehicle registrations in the month of March. This achievement highlights the city’s commitment to sustainable transportation and sets a new standard for other regions to follow. The latest analysis of registration data from S&P Global Mobility reveals San Francisco’s electrification level surpasses the national average by more than three times, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the electric vehicle revolution. This blog post delves into the key findings of the report and explores the driving forces behind San Francisco’s electrification success.

San Francisco’s Electrification Leadership

In a remarkable achievement that underscores San Francisco’s commitment to sustainability and reducing emissions, a groundbreaking analysis by S&P Global Mobility reveals that electrified vehicles accounted for an impressive 50% of all new retail vehicle registrations in the San Francisco Designated Market Area (DMA) during the month of March.

This milestone not only demonstrates the city’s dedication to embracing sustainable transportation options but also surpasses the national average of 16.6% by a substantial margin, showcasing San Francisco’s exceptional progress in the field of electrification. What’s more, the momentum continued in April, with electrification levels surging to an even higher record of 53.1%, solidifying San Francisco’s position as a trailblazer in the transition to electric mobility.

Retail market share by powerplant, San Francisco vs Rest of United States, March 2023
Retail market share by powerplant, San Francisco vs Rest of United States, March 2023

Understanding Electrification

The term “electrified” encompasses both battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. In San Francisco, BEVs and hybrids played integral roles in propelling the city to this remarkable achievement. In March, the share of BEVs in the San Francisco DMA reached 34.2%, which is over four times the national average of 7.3%. Additionally, hybrids accounted for 15.8% of new vehicle registrations in the Bay Area, surpassing the United States’ hybrid rate of 9.3% by more than 6 percentage points.

Key Factors Driving San Francisco’s Success

Two prominent factors have contributed to San Francisco’s outstanding performance in electrification. Firstly, the city shares striking similarities with the profile of EV customers nationwide. Demographically, the San Francisco market aligns closely with the national average for EV buyers. Notably, 38.6% of new vehicle buyers in San Francisco were aged 18-34, slightly below the national average of 42.9% for all EV buyers. Ethnically, San Francisco exhibits a significantly higher representation of Asian-American buyers, exceeding the national average by more than four times. Additionally, the city’s high concentration of Middle Eastern households mirrors the national EV mix.

Secondly, San Francisco’s success in electrification extends beyond the dominance of Tesla. While Tesla holds a substantial share of the overall EV market in the Bay Area, other brands have also thrived. The Volkswagen ID4 witnessed a quadrupling of its market share from 0.3% to 1.4%, and the Chevrolet Bolt experienced a resurgence with its share rising from 0.2% to 1.2%. Moreover, strong demand for hybrids, particularly from Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and Kia, has significantly contributed to driving San Francisco’s electrification rates.

Comparison of Demographics, San Francisco vs All other DMAs
Comparison of Demographics, San Francisco vs All other DMAs

Expanding Electrification Across the Nation

The S&P Global Mobility analysis indicates that San Francisco’s achievement in March is not an isolated incident. Several other DMAs in the United States are closely trailing, with five areas surpassing the 30% electrification mark, including Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Seattle and San Diego even exceeded the 35% milestone. As the US market witnesses the introduction of more electric vehicle models, a growing number of DMAs are poised to achieve and surpass the 50% electrification rate.

San Francisco Leads the Way in Sustainable Transportation

San Francisco’s attainment of 50% electrified vehicle registrations represents a significant breakthrough for the United States’ transition towards sustainable transportation. The city’s electrification success is a testament to the growing popularity and acceptance of electric and hybrid vehicles among environmentally-conscious consumers. As other major metropolitan areas strive to replicate and surpass San Francisco’s achievement, the future of electric mobility in the United States looks promising. The ongoing shift towards electrification signifies a transformative era in transportation, where reduced emissions and enhanced sustainability take center stage.



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