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Porsche Innovations | 2013


Porsche continues as the industry leader in technical innovation in the coming launch of the 918 Spyder Hybrid supercar.

With gas mileage over 70 mpg yet capable of 0-62 mph on the race track, the 918 Spyder represents the essence of the Porsche idea.

This newest Porsche supercar blends pedigree motor racing technology with superb everyday utility, and high performance with little consumption.

The car was designed around its hybrid drive and demonstrates the potential of this drive type to a degree never seen before, where efficiency and performance are achieved in parallel so that one is not reached at expense of the other.

The successful execution of this combination made the Porsche 911 the most successful sports car in the world for 50 years.

By utilizing the same principle of high performance + increased efficiency, the 918 Spyder is poised to become the gene pool for future Porsche sports cars.

In addition to its advanced hybrid drive, the 918 Spyder combines an amazing array of other technologies to achieve its record-setting efficiencies and performance.

Among these is its carbon fiber reinforced polymer monocoque structure for strength and weight reduction, balanced weight distribution typical of the Porsche make, combined front and rear-axle steering, and the 918 Spyder vehicle’s five drive modes for street and highway comfort as well as track performance.

The 918 Spyder continues a long tradition of super sports cars at Porsche: as technology platforms, as the driving force behind both car emotion and car evolution, and as the ultimate sports cars of the decades in which they first appear.

At the same time the 918 Spyder was in its final stages of development, Porsche made a new breakthrough in timeless, classic design and style with the creation of the 911 Anniversary Edition sports car.

This limited edition model was first shown to American customers and the world at the Porsche Club of America Parade on June 23, 2013 in Traverse City, Michigan. Porsche enthusiasts and automotive journalists present were taken with its classic 911 lines, reprised interior trim and vintage colors as well as its stunning five-spoke 20 inch wheels, echoing the “Fuchs” design associated with the  vehicles of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.

The 911 50th Anniversary Edition vehicle is a statement by Porsche that no 911 ever goes out of style: each iteration takes an honored place in the on-going evolution of this fascinating model line.

In the spirit of fascination for the 911 and the other vehicles created by this unique carmaker, Porsche dealers in North America remain enthusiastic about the brand.

Their zeal translates throughout their business activities, including the strong parts support provided to wholesale customers.

Relationships forged between authorized Porsche dealers and independent shops specializing in Porsche repair have often translated into successful, mutually profitable wholesale business – in some cases lasting decades.

Porsche owners prefer Porsche Classic parts for service and repair – a fact that dealers and wholesalers have recognized for years due to the outstanding design, high production standards, rigorous testing, and race-proven performance of Porsche parts.

Through wholesale programs run by Porsche and operated by authorized Porsche dealers, the needs and wants of these Porsche customers are provided for through the Porsche Wholesale Connection (PWC).

The PWC program’s drop-ship element provides a direct link between Porsche parts distribution centers and wholesalers, expediting delivery time and creating a useful alternative to direct delivery by dealership truck or third party.

Additionally, Porsche assists dealers with many special requests on behalf of wholesale customers. In sum, PWC contributes to a profitable business model where every advantage must be utilized to maintain cost-effective operations.

Additionally, the PartsLink 24 program gives wholesalers access to the same Porsche Parts catalog used by authorized Porsche dealers, allowing for clear and accurate parts order placement with Porsche dealer business partners.

Porsche’s wholesale programs and support of the wholesale business are vital in helping to ensure the personal identification, satisfaction, pure excitement, and driving pleasure that customers experience with their Porsche vehicles.


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