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Hyundai Strategic Partnership with Amazon


Hyundai Strategic Partnership with Amazon: A Game-Changing Move

In a groundbreaking move, Amazon and Hyundai have announced a strategic partnership that goes beyond the conventional online retail space. Starting in 2024, Hyundai will make its vehicles available for purchase on the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon.com. This collaboration extends beyond mere sales, with Hyundai embracing Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud computing needs and integrating Alexa into its next-generation vehicles.

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Hyundai Strategic Partnership

Selling Hyundai Vehicles on Amazon

A New Era of Digital Car Shopping

In a bid to revolutionize the car-buying experience, Hyundai and Amazon are set to launch a digital shopping platform in 2024. This platform will allow auto dealers to sell vehicles directly on Amazon’s U.S. store. Hyundai will be the inaugural brand featured, offering customers a seamless online purchasing journey. This initiative aims to simplify the process, enabling customers to search for vehicles based on preferences such as model, trim, color, and features. Once the selection is made, customers can complete the transaction within Amazon’s familiar and trusted environment, including payment and financing options.

Streamlining Pick-up and Delivery

Upon completing the online purchase, customers will have the flexibility to choose between picking up their vehicle or having it delivered by their local Hyundai dealership. This approach aims to combine the convenience of online shopping with the established services provided by local dealerships, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Dealer Involvement in the Digital Shift

Dealers will play a pivotal role in this digital shift, as they will have the opportunity to list their entire lineup on Amazon, presenting a wider selection to potential buyers. The spokesperson for Hyundai has clarified that dealers will set the vehicle prices on Amazon, and transactions will occur at the list price. This move is expected to bring a new level of transparency to car pricing, albeit without the traditional negotiation space.

Hyundai’s Cloud Transformation with AWS

Choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As part of this comprehensive partnership, Hyundai has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider. The adoption of AWS aims to accelerate Hyundai’s digital transformation, leveraging a spectrum of capabilities, including computing, storage, database, analytics, artificial intelligence (generative AI), and Internet of Things (IoT).

Migration to a Cloud-First Strategy

In a multi-year agreement, Hyundai will undergo a digital transformation, transitioning its current on-premises applications across research, product engineering, and customer engagement to AWS. This shift will make Hyundai a more data-driven organization, focusing on optimizing production, minimizing costs, enhancing security, disaster recovery, and advancing connected vehicle development.

Master Builder Training Program

To facilitate this transition, Hyundai and AWS have collaborated to design and implement a Master Builder training and certification program. This program aims to equip Hyundai engineers with essential cloud skills, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration to the cloud.

Alexa Integration in Next-Generation Hyundai Vehicles

A Seamless In-Car Experience

In another significant development, starting in 2025, Hyundai’s next-generation vehicles will feature Alexa Built-in. This integration will empower Hyundai drivers to enjoy a hands-free Alexa experience while on the road, allowing them to perform various tasks, such as playing music, setting reminders, updating to-do lists, and controlling their smart homes.

Enhanced Connectivity and Convenience

Drivers will have the ability to manage smart home devices, receive traffic updates, check weather reports, and utilize voice control for in-vehicle media and navigation systems. Notably, certain Alexa features will remain accessible even in scenarios of intermittent or unavailable internet connectivity.


The Amazon-Hyundai partnership marks a significant shift in the automotive industry, blending the e-commerce giant’s extensive reach with Hyundai’s innovative offerings. From reshaping the car-buying process to embracing cloud technology and integrating voice assistants, this collaboration promises a transformative journey for both companies and, more importantly, for customers seeking a modern and convenient automotive experience.

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