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How Used Car Prices Fell by 7% in 2023


Used Car Prices Tumble 7% in 2023, Though Still Not Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Imagine a roller coaster ride through a bustling market, where the chatter of eager buyers mixes with the clink of deals being made. This is the tale of the used car market in 2023 – a year marked by surprising twists and turns.

After a dizzying climb during the pandemic, prices finally took a breath, sliding down 7% in a much-needed respite for buyers. Yet, even with this decline, we find ourselves still peering upwards, longing for the familiar landscape of pre-pandemic affordability.

How Used Car Prices Fell by 7% in 2023 (PDF)

The Year in Perspective

The trajectory of used car prices in 2023 resembled a meandering path rather than a straight line. The MUVVI, a crucial barometer for tracking these prices, concluded the year on a subtle note, with a marginal decrease of 0.5% in December from the previous month.

This movement contributed to an overall annual decline of 7.0%. While the index’s final position at 204.0 provided some relief from its previous highs, it also served as a vivid illustration of the significant 21% increase from the December 2021 level.

Offering insights into this fluctuating market, Jeremy Robb of Cox Automotive commented on the year’s unpredictability: “The year concluded with December’s downturn, marking the end of a particularly erratic period. Contrary to expectations, the market experienced a pronounced surge in the spring of 2023, only to see prices recede just as swiftly in the subsequent months.”

Market Dynamics

Despite the drop in prices, the market showed signs of resilience. The average daily sales conversion rate rose by 53.8%, hinting at a robust demand underpinning the market.

Consumer confidence indices also painted a picture of optimism, suggesting a conducive environment for used car buyers.

Interestingly, not all vehicle types fared the same. Luxury cars, pickups, and SUVs weathered the storm better than others, with smaller cars like hatchbacks experiencing the sharpest decline at 11.7%. This differentiation highlights the diverse impacts within the sector.

used vehicle value index

Economic Indicators

The MUVVI’s trends align with broader economic indicators. The CPI for used vehicles showed a 3.8% year-over-year fall in November, though there was a month-on-month increase. These fluctuations are crucial for understanding the market’s direction as we move into 2024.

Looking Ahead

2024 seems poised for less drama in used car prices. Cox Automotive advises caution, though, reminding us that the market has often thrown curveballs.

In contrast, new vehicle sales appear promising, with industry giants like GM, Ford, and Tesla reporting robust sales. Even luxury brands like Rolls-Royce reported record-breaking years, indicating a resilient high-end market.


As we reflect on the ups and downs of the used car market in 2023, it’s clear that while the landscape has shifted, opportunities abound for both buyers and sellers.

With signs of stabilization and a hopeful outlook for the new year, one can’t help but wonder: Will 2024 be the year we finally see a return to pre-pandemic normalcy in the used car market?


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