Satisfaction Guarantee

Our promise to you:

Once you retain our services and order our appraisal report, we will do our best to work with you and  the insurance company to amicably resolve the claim. We will help you draft response letters as well as drafting complaints to your State’s Insurance commissioner or consumer affairs office.

Once all amicable methods of resolving the claim are exhausted and your payout increase is less than our appraisal cost, we shall refund you 50% of our fee, no questions asked.

Tax Deduction:

You can utilize our reports and findings when filing your tax return.

The federal government recognizes diminished value and allows for an itemized deduction for uncompensated losses.

Use IRS form 4684.

Please consult with your CPA as DVBureau does not offer legal or tax advice.

Diminished Value Before and after accident value v3

Why hire us?

Major Accidents are Reported on NC Titles!